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History on Parade at St. Mary Catholic Community School

On Tuesday, May 16, fourth graders at St. Mary Catholic Community School impressed all who visited with their Indiana History Parade projects. Set up like a science fair, Indiana History topics were on display via tri-fold boards, shoebox “floats”, and oral presentations. Students from various grade levels at the school visited the parade during the day while family and friends were invited to the well-attended evening event.

Throughout the school year, Mrs. Arianne Wong teaches Indiana History in her classroom. The Indiana History Parade project is a culmination of everything students have learned. This project is also a chance for the students to teach school community and family members interesting facts about their home state of Indiana. After making the rounds at the parade and listening to presentations, Principal Tom Ruiz commented, “I have learned more about the history of our state in one hour than I have in a year! Mrs. Wong takes her students to Indianapolis every year and when it comes to fourth grade Indiana history, this event is the icing on the cake!”

Olivia Luttrell and Karyssa Urbanek go back in time to give us an idea of what pioneer life was like in Indiana.

Olivia Valdes happily explains the process Indiana went through to become a state.

Noah Cervera drives home the details of the Studebaker Manufacturing Company which once thrived in South Bend, Indiana.

Pointing out information she learned about our state’s first governor, Kassidy Tran engages her audience.


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