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Lakeshore PBS Hosts St. Mary Catholic Community School News Crew

St. Mary Catholic Community School’s news crew recently visited the local PBS station. St. Mary’s news crew is called “WSMW” which stands for W- St. Mary’s Wildcats. The news team is student directed and produced and is shown to the entire school on a daily basis. They received the opportunity to tour the Lakeshore PBS station in Merrillville to learn more about the technical and professional side of news broadcasting. Russell Brodhacker, Communications Coordinator, at Lakeshore PBS, and his team of engineers and technicians eagerly welcomed the students and provided them with a very educational field trip! WSMW sports anchor, A.J. Lustina said “the best part of the field trip was being able to be on the huge green screen and tape a commercial with my crew.” The motto at Lakeshore PBS is to “Learn with Lakeshore,” and the St. Mary’s students definitely left their trip with a vast amount of knowledge. WSMW’s moderator, Mrs. Megan Henry said, “I’m already looking forward to more field trips to Lakeshore PBS in the future!”

From Left: Joseph Henry, Jude Cunanan, Victoria Townsend, Nathan Jamrosz, Julia Andras, Jaxon Froglia, Lily Huffman, Abygail Cervera, Madison Kozlowski, Lilly Novina, Kaleigh Urbanek, Piper Myers, AJ Lustina, Amaiyah Orndorff-Smith

From Left: VP of Radio Operations, Tom Maloney, Madison Kozlowski, Lily Huffman, Piper Myers, Tom Ruiz, Nathan Jamrosz, Joseph Henry, Jude Cunanan, Julia Andras, Victoria Townsend

From Left: Victoria Townsend, Nathan Jamrosz, Kaleigh Urbanek, Abygail Cervera, Victoria Townsend, Joseph Henry, Jaxon Froglia, Jude Cunanan, Megan Henry, Madison Kozlowski, Piper Myers, Lily Huffman, AJ Lustina, Amaiyah Orndorff-Smith, Lilly Novina


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