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Local Bee Keeper Has St. Mary School's Environmental Club Buzzing!

St. Mary's (Crown Point) Environmental Club was recently treated to a visit from a local Beekeeper, Mr. David Hayse. The Crown Point resident came and spoke to the kids about his experience working with bees and the importance of bees to the environment. He brought in his beekeeping suit, which the students were very excited to see in-person! Mr. Hayse also brought in some of his hives (minus the bees of course!) and the kids were able to pass them around. “The hive was much heavier than I thought it would be! There was so much honey!” said Hailey Baehler, an 8th grade student. After his presentation he passed out honey and the children loved it! Mr. Hayse keeps several hives in Gary and is looking forward to the spring season and the bees emerging from hibernation.

Bee Keeper, Mr. David Hayse

Mrs. Kim Hise, Mrs. Brittany LaMere, Riley DeEspinosa, Charles Mackey, Lilianne Hise, Lilly Raggs, Nick Johansson

Reagan Anderson, Ellie Stork, Jessica Berns


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