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St. Mary's 7th Graders Learn Life Saving Skills

St. Mary Catholic Community School recently hosted a CPR/AED and choking class for all 7th grade students. St. Mary Catholic Community School fathers and firefighters/paramedics Mr. Jake Gettler and Mr. Cory Federico assisted SMS nurse Patti Miskus with the organization and instruction of the class. There was a written exam as well as a skills assessment portion. The students asked some very important questions and also did a good job helping each other and working together. The children did a nice job and have learned a very important life-giving skill. They now have knowledge and skills to help guide them until help arrives. St. Mary’s student, Evan, said “it is a skill that can prepare us for future careers like being a lifeguard, nurse, or doctor.” Evie said, “the time we took to learn CPR could be enough to save a life.”

Jacob Bishop administers chest pumps to an infant CPR doll while Arianna Barajas watches his technique.

Dominic Buonadonna attaches a mouthpiece to an infant CPR doll while Jessica Berns creates the proper head/neck angle and Amelia Ahern looks on.

St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point offers grade levels Junior Pre-K (for three-year-olds) through grade eight. Faith, Academic Excellence, Life Lessons, and Compassion are the pillars of the school. To learn more about St. Mary School’s visit


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