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St. Mary's Graduate Nikki Gerodemos Earns Indiana "Rising Star" Honors

Rising Star…. This title was given to Nikki Gerodemos by the Indiana Association of School Principals. This honor, given to four select 11th grade students from each high school in the state, is based on academic achievement. Nikki attended Saint Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point from kindergarten through eighth grade, graduating in 2018. From Saint Mary’s School, Nikki went on to Crown Point High School where you’ll find her on the basketball court when she isn’t studying. Although Nikki's plan is to study computer science/statistics and business with the goal of becoming an actuary, she is undecided about which university she will attend. Nikki still keeps in touch with most of her friends from St. Mary’s. Her current closest friends all also attended St. Mary’s. She said, “If it weren’t for St. Mary’s I wouldn’t have all the amazing friends and relationships that I have today...”

When Nikki was at St. Mary’s, her favorite activities were playing basketball and volleyball. She said that she had so much fun and made many unforgettable memories over her years at St. Mary’s. Nikki went on to say, “Playing with all my friends was so enjoyable and I made some of my best memories, and best friendships through sports at St. Mary’s.” Nikki said that one of her favorite experiences was doing the Godspell Jr. play as an eighth grade student. “Practicing every day and dancing and singing with friends was some of the most fun I have ever had.” Nikki also really enjoyed the 3 on 3 March Madness tournament every year because, “it was a way to have fun with friends while playing the sport I love.” To this day, Nikki enjoys going back to be a referee at St. Mary’s 3 on 3 tournaments because of how much fun it was for her as a student.

When asked about her favorite teacher, Nikki said, ”All of my teachers at St. Mary’s were amazing. If I had to choose one I would choose Mr. Nieman. I had Mr. Nieman for 7th and 8th grade social studies and I enjoyed every second of his class. I have never learned so much while also having so much fun in a class before. I still remember everything that I learned in that class and it has been extremely helpful in my high school history classes. Each day I looked forward to Mr. Nieman’s class because of how well he taught and how enjoyable he made his class.”

The effort put toward including all students was something that Nikki found particularly interesting at St. Mary’s. She said, “I am not a member of the Catholic Church, but I never once felt excluded. Every Mass I would still be able to receive a blessing from Father Pat and I believe this is something that really made me feel at home.”

Nikki would like the world to know that “St. Mary’s doesn’t only give you a great education, but more importantly, it gives you life lessons and experiences. I will forever be grateful for all of the memories and opportunities St. Mary’s gave me. St. Mary’s doesn’t only make great students, it makes exceptional people.”

Nikki summed up her experience at Saint Mary’s by saying, “St. Mary’s has taught me so much about discipline, respect, and having a strong work ethic. I am forever grateful for the impact that all my teachers have had on me. Learning was so much fun and it was really easy to enjoy school. The values I learned each and every day while at St. Mary’s will stick with me forever, not just school wise, but also as a person.” She continued, saying, “the most special part of my St. Mary’s experience was how close I got with all of my classmates and teachers, everyone knew everyone.” She continued, “St. Mary’s became my second family and that bond is something I’ll cherish forever.”


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