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St. Mary's Preschoolers Learn Important Fire Safety Lessons

The Pre-K classes at St. Mary Catholic Community School recently visited the Crown Point Fire Station. The students were able to learn about fire safety. During their visit, students listened to how important it is to know what to do in case of a fire. They were informed to get out safely, designate a meeting spot, and to call 9-1-1. The Pre-K students were also able to put their fire fighter skills to the test and were allowed to spray the fire hose. They were given the opportunity to see a fire truck up close and see the inside of a fire engine. The students learned about the equipment that firefighters need to wear in order to protect themselves and to never be afraid of them in all their gear. The Crown Point firefighters showed great patience and were very welcoming to the students and their teachers.

Back Row: Olivia D’Onofrio, Liam Lain, Graeme McCarron, Brec Wachel, Quinn Augtgen, Sylvie Gard Front Row: Emily DeLaTorre, Emma Auz, Fritz Burlingame, Joseph Maldonado, Isaiah Ruiz, Finley Rachoy, Avery Hakanson

St. Mary Catholic Community School offers Junior Pre-Kindergarten (for three-year-olds) and Pre-Kindergarten (for four year olds). St. Mary’s faculty teaches a rich curriculum supported by a good balance of faith, play, learning, and supplemental experiences. To learn more about St. Mary’s Preschool, visit or call 663-0676.


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