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St. Mary's School End School Year with a Splash!

Field Day at St. Mary Catholic Community School was a huge success! On Thursday, May 25th, students engaged in some friendly competition and utilized their athletic skills, strategy, and teamwork to work through various activities. Some of those included tug of war, a water balloon toss, wacky waiter relay, and A DUNK TANK! The students enjoyed dropping their favorite teachers into some comfortably warm water on a 55° day. The event was organized by first year teacher, Mr. Michael Kosakowski who said, “Thank you to all our parents that came out to help. The day could not have gone on without you. Looking forward to next year already!”

Students enjoyed the sunshine on Field Day at St. Mary’s.

Science Teacher, Mrs. Brittany LaMere, got dunked by her son Duke.

Liam Kozlowski hits a bullseye and dunks his mom, assistant principal, Bea Kozlowski.

St. Mary’s Grandpa, Peter Kozlowski and father, Rick Cox man the grill.

Students were divided for the friendly competition, red vs. blue.

Ellie Clarke on her way to enjoy lunch.


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