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St. Mary's Students Enjoy Trip to the Fire Station

Kindergarten and preschool students from St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point recently enjoyed a special day. The Crown Point Fire Department welcomed them into the fire station to show an up close and personal view of a fire truck, provided students with some important safety tips, and even gave them a chance to use the firehose.

The “firefighter friends” talked about the importance of practicing for a fire drill not only in school but also at home in the event of an emergency. The St. Mary’s students were very excited to learn about the importance of what firefighters do for the school and community.

Firefighter Ethan Beaver, Annabelle Akanvise, Bostyn Wachel, Ryker Riley, Isabella Pulver, Brooklyn Gavin, Arabella Olson, Adam Huppenthal, Fae Kizior, Liam Kozlowski, Aletta Reyes, Harry Weaver, Jade Velez, Mateo Pinto, Alfonso Gutierrez, Harley Smith, Cooper Kovera, Lania Serros, Duke LaMere, Helen Garcia, Ethan Younghale, Father Kevin Huber

Gouveia Wachel, Charlotte Macak, Lukas Karwatka, Jason Cap, Philly Pimentel, Reese Newtoff

Angela Macak

Harry Weaver, Cooper Kovera, Liam Kozlowski, Mateo Pinto

Lania Serros, Brooklyn Gavin, Mateo Pinto, Liam Kozlowski, Cooper Kovera


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