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St. Mary's Wildcats Explore Indianapolis

After not having been on a field trip in two years due to Covid restrictions, forty-four Wildcats eagerly arrived at St. Mary Catholic Community School early Friday morning. At 6am sharp, two motor coaches departed for a trip to our state’s capital city which would culminate a year of learning Indiana history. Along with Mrs. Kim Hise, Mrs. Arianne Wong led the fourth-grade students and their chaperones on a day-long trip which started at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. Sean Johansson was so impressed with the house, he commented, “I would buy it if I had the money!” After a walk through the historical home of our 23rd President, the students headed to the “epic, perfect, amazing, awesome, super-duper cool” Indiana State Museum for self-guided tours. There, everything the students previously learned in the four walls of a classroom came to life! Walking to the “breathtaking” Indiana Statehouse was next on the itinerary. Riley DeEspinosa couldn’t get over its beauty: “I have no words, literally. It was so big and beautiful.” Getting to walk through the Governor’s office, sit in the chairs of each chamber of the Legislative Branch, and see the inside of the Indiana Supreme Court are memories that are not soon to be forgotten. With energy to spare, the fourth-graders walked to the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Monument in the center of the city. Still closed due to Covid restrictions, the monument served as a backdrop for class pictures. “This trip really is a perfect ending to our yearlong study of our state’s history. It’s the highlight of fourth grade!” Mrs. Wong enthusiastically commented upon return to the school’s parking lot. Principal Tom Ruiz added, “we are so blessed to have teachers who go the extra mile to make their students’ education relevant and fun and students who are enthusiastic learners!”

Front row, l to r:

Riley DeEspinosa, Andjela Vojvodic, Katelynn Mucha, Deioni Torres, Lily Huffman, DeSean Torres, Bella Padilla

Middle row, l to r:

Gabriel Rosado, Caleb Weber, Michael Stepp, Ava Obrien, Margaret Cappas, Christina Macocha, Asia Sangster, Luke Howard, Danica Carlotto

Back row, l to r:

Miranda Carrasco, Jacob Ford, Lashawn Walker, Oliver Federico, Bradley Januszewski, Joseph Henry

Front row, left to right:

Colin McGoldrick, Natalia Perez, Madison Kozlowski, Brinna Bordui, Lorelei Borozan, Gwen Patti, Benjamin Hoy, Diego Perez, Jacob Trinidad, Regina Andras

Back row, l to r:

Joseph Henry, Genevieve Abad, Elisha Nagdeman, Samantha Hunt, Pamela de la Torre, Piper Myers, Gia Miller, Dominic Rebar, Samuel Despaltro, Nickolas Johansson, Sean Johansson, Adan Gonzalez

Lots of Hoosier pride is found within these fourth-grade Wildcats from St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point.

With the dome of the Statehouse in the background, the students of Mrs. Hise’s class smile as they try to stay dry.

Gabriel Rosado, Michael Stepp, Joseph Henry, Caleb Weber, and Luke Howard are excited to be at the Indiana State Museum.

Led by Ava Obrien, fourth grade students walk toward the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Monument in the center of Indianapolis.

St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point offers grade levels Junior Pre-Kindergarten (for three-year-olds) through eight. St. Mary’s faculty teaches a rich curriculum supported by cutting-edge technology. The school offers a multitude of activities and experiences including fun and educational field trips at each grade level. To learn more about St. Mary’s School or schedule a tour, visit St. Mary’s is currently accepting new students for the 2022-2023 school year.

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