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St. Mary School Chess Team Reaches New Heights

Thirty students from the St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point’s chess team kicked off their spring break by competing in their final tournament on Saturday March 23rd. Morton High School in Hammond hosted hundreds of the best chess players in the state in the Scholastic Chess of Indiana team state championships. All thirty students made the school proud, focusing on their best chess strategies in a tournament that lasted ten hours. The thirty St. Mary's students were split into seven teams of four or five students per team in the team chess format battling other schools in the state by age category. The SMS Wildcats have had many successes at this tournament over the years, but two of the teams made school history by surpassing all previous records. The sixth grade and under A team composed of Andrew Myers, Gabriel Rosado, Joseph Shea, and Luca Trajkovski played extraordinarily well against very tough competition and ended the day in sixth place in the entire state. A similarly outstanding performance was achieved by the SMS eighth grade and under A team. Joseph Mullally, James Wong, James Raggs, and John Mouser brought home third place in the state after playing some of the highest rated student chess players in the nation. Both of these teams surpassed the school’s previous records.  St. Mary School’s chess team is led by Dr. Lisa Mullally.

Mariella Ables, Alayna Mumaugh

James Raggs, John Mouser, James Wong, Joseph Mullally

Alex Macocha, James Raggs, John Mouser, Andrew Myers, James Wong, Principal Tom Ruiz, Nathan Jamrosz, Daniel Rosado, Joseph Henry, Dr. Lisa Mullally, Nicholas Mumaugh, Dominic Rebar, Gabriel Rosado, Luca Trajkovski, Joseph Mullally, Joseph Shea, James Zembillas, Grace Jamrosz, Isabelle McDonald, Jane Smith, Ayumi Artis, Ryder Ward, Kameron Williams, Jonathan Patton, Alayna Mumaugh, Kai Newtoff, Ethan Gilbert, Matteo Gutierrez

Luca Trajkovski, Joseph Shea, Gabriel Rosado, Andrew Myers

St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point offers grade levels Junior Pre-Kindergarten (for three-year-olds) through grade eight.  St. Mary’s faculty teaches a rich curriculum supported by leading-edge technology.  All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as Academic Team, Chess Club, Geography Bee, Science Olympiad, Scouts, Environmental Club, WSMW News Cast, athletics and more.  To learn more about enrollment at St. Mary’s School or schedule a personal tour, visit or call 219.663.0676


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