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St. Mary Students Learn Through Boating Project Experience at South Lake YMCA

The sixth grade students of St. Mary Catholic Community School recently ended their buoyancy unit with a cardboard boat race at the Crown Point YMCA. This event was a culmination of weeks of hard work and creativity designing and building their own boats entirely out of duct tape and cardboard. During the unit, the students were able to showcase their problem-solving skills, teamwork, and innovation. Each group of five were tasked with designing and constructing a cardboard boat that would carry one passenger across the twenty-five meter pool without sinking. It was a fun-filled experience with excitement and laughter for everyone involved.

AJ Lustina joyfully shouting with Tommy Mackey

From the left (this group won the race)- Jacob Bishop, Jude Cunannan, Michelle Sarabia, Isabella Niepokoj, Lily Novina, and Riley Ross

Lily Novina (farthest); Evie DeVries(middle); Nathan Ford (closest back turned)

Joey Serna (farthest), Tommy Mackey (middle), and Ryder Duncan (closest)


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