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St. Mary Students Participate in Interesting HANDS ON Science Lesson

Sixth graders at St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point, recently immersed themselves in a captivating conclusion to their ecology unit.   They delved into the fascinating world of Barn Owl pellet dissection. The air in the classroom buzzed with excitement and curiosity as they were ready to unravel the mysteries hidden within these compact, regurgitated masses.

These young scientists carefully dissected the pellets and sifted through the seemingly nondescript pellets, unveiling the remains of the Barn Owl's last meals. The classroom became a hub of scientific discovery as the students uncovered an array of skeletal treasures – tiny skulls of rodents and delicate beaks of smaller birds. The intricacies of the food chain came to life before their eyes, as they pieced together the puzzle of the Barn Owl's diet and its crucial role in the local ecosystem.  “Mrs. Sarabia utilizes a great balance of hands on learning to make science interesting and relevant for her students,” said Principal Tom Ruiz.

DeSean Torres and Gwen Patti meticulously dissecting an owl pellet so as to not break the tiny bones within.

LaShawn Walker and Liam Parker found excellent examples of small rodent (vole) skulls.

St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point offers grade levels Junior Pre-Kindergarten (for three-year-olds) through grade eight.  St. Mary’s faculty teaches a rich curriculum supported by cutting-edge technology.  To learn more about St. Mary School’s upcoming Open House events on January 24th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and January 28th from 10:00 AM to noon, visit


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